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Inclusive educational products to create mindful, resilient & independent learners.

Plant The Seeds

Watch Them Bloom

Embrace the way your child is learning, growing & blooming. Every child's style of learning & play is as unique as they are.

Inclusive Values

Every Child Big & Small

We believe that everyone should have access to learning that is fun and engaging, no matter what their age, diagnosis or developmental needs.

Welcome to Little Ohana

Meet The Family

Hello I'm Jenna and together with my husband along with our (not so little) blended family, we are so excited to welcome you to our community here at Little Ohana!

As a mum, stepmum and educator of children who are both neurodiverse and neurotypical, I have developed a passion for inclusive education and learning so that all children can achieve their greatest potential!

About Us

Playful Practices

Play is our brain's favourite way of learning. It not only engages children for longer, but it is linked to greater understanding and retention for lifelong skills and knowledge that can be generalised to a variety of settings.

Play time

Play is for everyone

NDIS Support

All of our products are hand selected to keep inclusivity and education in mind, whilst providing the highest quality products that will last for many years to come.

We believe that everyone should have access to learning that is fun and engaging, no matter what their age, diagnosis or developmental needs. Children learn best through play, so why not make all learning fun and play based - they won’t even know they are learning because they will be too busy having a great time!

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Inclusivity

    Inclusive play & resources are always at the forefront of our mind. We believe play is for all children and no one should ever get left behind.

  • Wide Selection

    We know that it can be hard to find a store that truly has something for everyone including different ages & interests. Our products are selected with differentiation and flexibility in mind.

  • Experience

    Jenna, the owner of Little Ohana, has over 15 years experience in teaching children of all ages and with a range of needs from preschool through to primary school.

Product Of The Month


This interactive book by curious Columbus has been an absolute lifesaver! We are travelling Australia and both kids ( 5 & 1) really enjoy the activities in this book. It’s so nice for them to have something to do in the car that isn’t screen based, highly recommend this product!

These colour drops have completely changed bath time for us! When the kids are not in the mood to be bathed, I just tell them they can pick 2 different coloured drops to see what colour their bath will turn! These have been handy for homes days sensory play as well - wins all around :)

My 5 year old loves this 100 chart. He loves that he can play snakes and ladders and change the layout of the snakes and ladders each time. This chart is great for being so versatile, it can be used for Learning through play using different games and counting methods.

We love this mud! It’s so much fun to make together, that was an activity in itself. It turns out a great consistency and smells like chocolate!

My kids love this rainbow for fine motor practice and learning colours. Lots of fun and easy to pack away.