About Us

Get to know the face and family behind the Little Ohana brand and see where our passion for children's play and growth comes from.

Hi, I'm Jenna

The owner (and everything behind the scenes) here at Little Ohana. A proud mum of 2 amazing boys and bonus mum to my husband’s 4 beautiful children, with an intense passion for inclusive education and learning for all children to achieve their greatest potential!

When raising a child, I know too well the struggle of juggling work, home,and everything in between while trying to be the best parent you can be! You want to give your child every opportunity but finding affordable and engaging educational products takes time and effort. That’s where the mission here at Little Ohana comes to save the day!

Passion & Expertise

As the resident product researcher, I use my experience as a mum myself, along with over 15 years of experience in the education sector (as an early childhood, primary and additional needs educator) to source the latest open ended, engaging, educational and inclusive products for your family.

My expertise and passion lie in neurodiversity and providing support to children and families with a range of diagnosed and undiagnosed needs (Autism, ADHD, behavioural, social emotional, trauma, developmental delays, language delays and other comorbidities).

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Ongoing Development

I target my ongoing development and training to focus on the specialised delivery of learning to children of all abilities to create resilient, confident learners who thrive in any environment. Providing your family with products, advice and support is what makes our heart feel full and keeps the dream alive.

Thank you for choosing to support our family and dream here at Little Ohana.

- Jenna xx