Do you feel like you're seeking answers...

How do we know if our child needs extra support?

Where do we go once we get a diagnosis? We've seen the GP -what now?

Who does our child actually need to see? There are so many therapies available and we don't know where to start!

How do we manage all of these appointments and the endless paperwork?

What does all of this actually mean? We have never heard of some of these words before!

What is NDIS and how do we navigate it all? Where do we start?

How can we make sure our child is getting the support they need at school? We want to be working as a team with the school but communication isn't always clear!


What Do We Offer?

1:1 Parent Consult

Not sure where to start or feeling like you just need a pair of ears to listen and give personalised support? Or maybe you need support in various areas of parenting a child with additional needs.

Our 1:1 Parent Consult is for you! A Personalised 1 hour Zoom Call to ask questions, seek advice specific to your circumstance and get tailored information to help you on your journey. This is the ultimate opportunity to pick our brains to find out anything and everything surrounding your child and their needs - we are here to help you!

School Based Advocacy

Advocating for your child in the Education System can sometimes be a stressful time for parents. Navigating meetings, phone calls and updating the school on new information as it arises can be time consuming and tricky, especially if you don't feel heard or aren't seeing the support you had hoped for.

Our School Based Advocacy Service allows parents to feel empowered to enter the school environment and seek the support their child deserves.

With over 15 years experience in the Education System as Early Childhood and Primary Educators, we know what should be happening and can support you to advocate for your child's right to a supportive and inclusive school environment.

Report + Diagnosis Analysis

The process of seeking support for your child often involves lengthy documents and reports from Doctors, Therapists and Schools that contain information that can be tricky to analyse without the background knowledge and understanding.

Our Report + Diagnosis Analysis Service allows us to use over 15 years experience analysing these types of reports to break down the jargon and provide you with all of the information in an easy to navigate format.

This means that you will feel more confident in understanding what the diagnosis means, what support is required and what actions to take next.

NDIS Support

Applying for NDIS or seeking a review can be a stressful time filled with mountains of paperwork and lengthy phone calls, but it doesn't have to be that way!

Our NDIS Support Service allows us to use our personal and professional knowledge of the NDIS to provide generalised information on the process involved and help you get all of the necessary paperwork together to go into the process feeling confident and prepared.

  • Early Intervention + Diagnosis Support - What Comes Next?

  • Assistance Interpreting Reports from Therapists, Doctors + Other Agencies

  • Personalised Support for School, Therapy + NDIS Meeting Preparation

  • Over 15 Years Experience with Extensive Community + Professional Relationships

Hi, I'm Jenna..

Founder of Little Ohana and proud mum/bonus mum in our beautiful blended family.

I've spent the past 15+ years working closely with families, therapists and educators to provide the utmost support and education to children with diagnosed and undiagnosed support needs.

I have been heavily involved in the Education Sector as an Early Childhood Educator and Primary Teacher in both mainstream and specialised settings, and now specialise in the support and advocacy of children and their families.

As a fellow parent of Neurodiverse children, I know what your family is experiencing first hand to advocate for your child.

I need this support too!

"There is no more powerful advocate than a parent and the army they hand select to help them on their journey"

  • As a parent whom received a diagnosis for my son, it was extremely daunting having to navigate the lengthy process of finding the appropriate supports and assistance for my child. With so many therapists and appointments to attend, it was easy to be overwhelmed and not know which way to turn. Jenna’s services are not only desperately needed, but were paramount to providing the right knowledge and advice that iI needed to advocate for my child.

  • Jenna’s knowledge and support, along with her extensive experience, makes her exceptionally well placed to advocate for any child. Her highly skilled and tailored approach is exactly what I needed and will continue to use her services. I would recommend Jenna at Little Ohana to anybody and everybody and cannot thank her enough for her support. 

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