NDIS Ordering

We're thrilled to share with our beautiful customers that Little Ohana is an unregistered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We are now able to service Self Managed and Plan Managed NDIS Plans

Placing an NDIS order with us

If you are looking to place an order on our website through your NDIS Plan, we have worked to make this as seamless as possible by providing a second checkout option.

Follow the 4 easy steps below to submit your NDIS Order with us!

  • Add your chosen products to cart as normal and proceed to the cart page.

  • At cart, place your NDIS Plan information into the order instructions(Participant's Full Name, DOB, Plan Number, Email (if Plan Managed, please give the plan manager email address here) and proceed to checkout

  • At Shipping, complete shipping details as normal and then select NDIS Invoice Only as the shipping option.

  • Complete the checkout process as normal. You should not be required to submit payment.
    We will generate and send an invoice with the participant details to the relevant people (yourself or your Plan Manager depending on your Plan). This process will ensure that the items are reserved for you until the invoice is paid and shipping can occur. 

What is an NDIS Unregistered Provider?

The process to become a registered NDIS provider not only requires a lot of time and financial resources, but it also not necessary for providers offering services outside of a certain criteria of support services. Due to this, many small businesses are known as unregistered providers, which is what we are here at Little Ohana.

  • Self Managed NDIS Plan

    Self Managed NDIS Plans allow participants to take charge of their funding and services. You have the flexibility to select, arrange and pay for the services that you need, as long as they align with the goals outlined in your NDIS Plan. 

  • Plan Managed NDIS Plan

    Plan Managed NDIS Plans have a registered Plan Manger to help participants manage their funding and services. The Plan Manager is responsible for the selection, purchasing, financial and administrative aspects of the plan on the participant's behalf. 

Have any questions about NDIS ordering? Get in touch!

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